Who We Are

Lyndsay E. Gilbert

Editor in Chief


Lyndsay is a hopeful author of YA novels and short stories, as well as an ex-high school English teacher from Ireland.  She decided to start Bad Apple Zine because, while there are many amazing fantasy Zines out there that specialise in adult stories, there are not nearly enough that are aimed at the explosive Young Adult market.

As someone who has struggled since her teen years with issues of mental health, sexuality, and individuality, Lyndsay hopes to create a space where young people can explore the big and small issues that weave in and out of their lives.  Bad Apple will be publishing at least one story from a young author age 16-21 in each issue.  We will also feature reviews of YA novels and poetry collections and hopefully as time goes on we will be in a position to lure a few successful writers in to our gingerbread house and interview them about what inspires them and what tips they have for other aspiring novels and writers. Lyndsay also hopes to bring on board more editors and review writers in the future.

The term Bad Apple conjures up a number of ideas and feelings. To begin with, it makes us think of wicked stepmothers, poison, glass coffins, dead princesses and 'rescuing' necrophiliac princes.   Certainly here in Ireland a bad apple can make us recall a certain tree in the Garden of Eden and one disobedient female reaching out to take its fruit.

We can also see the 'Bad Apple' as someone from a family or group who is considered different or even evil compared to the rest of the members.  A bit like the black sheep, the bad apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but instead is thrown from it.

Lyndsay invites all Bad Apples out there to submit their tales.  

You can visit Lyndsay’s blog here to check out her poems, stories and reviews.


Greg Conway
Managing Editor


Greg spends most of his time removing cat hair from his laundry and finding excuses not to write.  Becoming an editor seemed, to him, like an excellent way to live vicariously through the talents of others.  After living in London to study Creative Writing and English Literature at Kingston University, Greg moved back to Ireland to grow antlers and live as a tree spirit: which, while conceptually sound, is proving harder to actualise.  Greg enjoys reading speculative fiction – particularly Urban and Dark Fantasy – Queer Fiction, and Horror.