Issue Two: Word From the Editor

Welcome to Issue Two of Bad Apple Zine.  This season has got off to a bit of a difficult start so we had to push back the publication date but we are excited to present to you four wicked tales to get under your skin, delight and disturb.  We have a nice range of stories this issue and I hope they give you an enjoyable escape as well as food for thought.  


As Halloween approaches, I am trying to be mindful and enjoy my favourite time of the year while in the news and on social media the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. I come from Northern Ireland, where recently the Brexit vote caused a lot of divide and a racist, xenophobic and inward-looking energy seized the day.  Since then things with our Government have gotten worse, with Prime Minister Theresa May saying last week that ‘If you are a citizen of the World, you are a citizen of nowhere.’


Why am I writing about this here, in the editor letter for a Young Adult Spec Fic magazine?  Well I want to point out that Young Adults are the future, and the people who have the most to lose by current political events.  You are also a generation born with the internet and modern technology in your childhood hands and you know the world is smaller than these hyper nationalistic ‘leaders’ (Trump!) attempting to divide and conquer, want us to believe.   


We are the human race, existing on this tiny planet within a massive universe.  Borders are meaningless when all is said and done, and invisible lines do not make us any more deserving, any more human or less human. `Young Adults today are Global Citizens and this sense of connection and humanity is forthright in leading YA fiction that examines so many of the bigger issues of today’s world, with amazing explorations of misogyny, sexual freedoms, human rights, racism, war, the environment, religion, sexuality, gender and mental health.  That list goes on and the YA lit movement keeps it growing and growing