Issue One: Word From the Editor

Welcome to Issue One of Bad Apple Zine.  It is our absolute pleasure to bring together this deadly and delightful collection of short stories.  Greg and I have been so pleased with the response to our submission calls and have given each story our careful attention.  It has been difficult rejecting so many writers but we have picked out four gems that horrified, thrilled, moved and enchanted us.

At one point in the process we found ourselves inundated with stories that, while brilliant, did not fit under our Upper YA heading, or did not include any speculative elements.  Bad Apple is aimed at readers 16+ and desires to explore themes that are important to young adults worldwide.  We do not shy away from the dark aspects of this powerful life-stage- of the heavy expectations put on us by parents, teachers and most certainly ourselves.

In this issue you will encounter many facets and paths of self-discovery and self-determination.  


We have explicitly asked writers to send in tales that reflect the variety of people in the world- minorities that are not heard enough, and in fact are often actively silenced.  This month, the atrocity that took place at a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida, was a painful demonstration of the fact that LGBTQA+ people live in fear.  Many spend their lives hiding who they are and what they feel, even from those closest to them.   When they dare to step into the light and live their truth they are in danger of not only criticism and bigoted hatred, but of murder.


We want to take this opportunity to remember and honour the victims, many of whom were Young Adults with their futures rolling out before them, futures that were cruelly and senselessly snatched away.

We hope to give a voice to those who are so often silenced through writers and characters that represent a variety of experiences and identities.


We hope you enjoy.


Lyndsay E. Gilbert