Parousia by Kari Castor

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This piece is more comedic in tone than anything we have published before, but it is also one of the darkest.  Obviously we loved it.  Men aren’t always great with accepting the word “no”, and gods can be even more troublesome.  When you’re faced with an impossible choice you have to find a way to navigate through it on your own terms~ Greg

Issue Three: Word From the Editor

Hello and welcome to our third issue. We had a bit of a hiatus due to ill  health on my part but we are now over the moon to bring to you another set of intriguing spec fic stories.

As usual we had a lot of submissions that were great stories but did not fit in with our aims. We are publishing upper YA that must have a touch of the fantastical and speculative about them.  Please read our submission guidelines carefully for more detailed information. 

We are delighted to bring you the work of our young writer Drew Mitchell in this issue. Bad Apple publishes at least one story from an author aged 16 to 21 in every issue. We would love to see more submissions from young people flooding our inbox.

Happy reading folks. Let us and the writers know what you think of the issue over on our Twitter or Facebook page!

Lyndsay E. Gilbert