WE WILL OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS 1st JANUARY 2022 to 1st MARCH 2022 to cover ISSUE 4. We are finally having a resurrection here. Come join us.


Please Note: All submissions MUST fall under the heading of Young Adult Fiction and MUST include an element of the fantastical. While other stories may be excellent they will NOT be considered for publication as they do not fit with Bad Apple’s spirit.


What We Want

Bad Apple invites you to pluck the forbidden fruit off its twisted branch and sink your teeth in deep.  Give us the core of your heart and reveal the worm eating through the centre of your being.  Give us your strange and unwanted, your rebellious and unsettling, your dark and compelling.  We seek stories aimed at the upper YA audience (16+).  We accept stories from authors of all ages, genders, sexualities and races etc.  We do however aim to publish at least one story per quarter written by a young author aged 16-21. 

We want to see what motivates and terrifies and captivates the hearts and minds of young adults today.   We are also keen to give young writers a platform to showcase their talents.   We will publish four short stories per quarterly issue.  We have a particular interest in young people who are minorities, young women, and those with disabilities both mental and physical.  We want to read about and represent those who are silenced and marginalised in society.

Genres Welcome


  • Dark Fantasy

  • Faery Tale

  • Mythical

  • Supernatural Horror

  • Supernatural Gothic Romance

  • Science Fiction

  • Steampunk

  • Cyberpunk

  • Magical Realism

  • Tales that fit under a mixture of the above headings

Length:  2000-5000 words

What We Don’t Want


Please keep in mind that the youngest readers and contributors of Bad Apple will be 16.  While stories dealing with sexuality are encouraged, any that contain explicit sexual content will not be considered.  

Another thing we don’t like to see are stories that objectify and demean women, people of colour or any minority group.  Stories in which the protagonist  comes up against sexism or racism or other forms of prejudice are right up our alley.  Stories that glorify such behaviour are not suitable for our ezine.  Bad Apple, as mentioned before, wishes to promote equality and respect for people of all backgrounds.

Finally do not send us anything that isn’t Speculative Fiction.  Stories must always have a touch of the impossible.

How to Submit


Please send all submission as rtf or word attachments to submissions@badapplefiction.com. The subject line should read Sub: Title of Story(word count).  Stories should follow standard submission format, which you can read more about here.   Please do not query until 60 days have passed.  If you have not received a response by this time do not hesitate to email and let us know as your story could have somehow been missed, or the email not sent to the correct address. 

We publish only originals (stories that have never previously appeared anywhere in print or online). We do not consider reprints (stories that have previously appeared anywhere in print or online.)

We buy First Serial and Electronic rights i.e the right to be the first place to publish that story.

We do not accept multiple submissions. Please wait until you have received a reply to your submission before sending another.

We do accept Simultaneous Submissions (a story that is currently submitted to another market) but we must ask that you inform us immediately if that story is bought by another market.


We are run by volunteers and from the pocket of our editor.  We do however believe it is important to give writers payment for their work.  At present we are only able to offer £15 per story, which will hopefully increase someday with enough hard work, promotion and donations.  Payment will be made via PayPal on publication.